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The reason why having a gay superhero is unnecessary is because it’s an obvious political ploy to attempt to indoctrinate children in to accepting the “marriage” as legitimate.


The reason why there are straight superheroes is because the vast majority of the world is straight. Therefore, making a superhero straight has no political bearing at all. So, having a superhero get married is nothing. Having a superhero be gay, and then get married, is creating a signal.

Something I can once again tear apart. 

The reason why DC has chosen to make a Gay Superhero, is because DC likes to reflect the current shape of society in their books.
If you look at all the characters that DC has put out over its existence, you can tell how those characters have evolved with society. During the Vietnam War, the DC superheroes reflected the Anti-War thoughts of most Americans. When 9/11 happened, the DC superheroes reflected the sorrow and sadness of the American public. 
Comic book writers PURPOSELY make their characters evolve. Now the next issue for the Heroes to adapt to, is Gay Marriage and Gay Rights. Society is changing, and you can’t stop it. Sad to say, being gay is more accepted now than it ever was. That’s why you see all these large public figures come out as gay. Society always changes and evolves with the times. Things become taboo, and things become accepted. That’s just how the world works. And since the 1920’s the DC, and quite frankly Marvel, superheroes have been along for the ride. They have changed with society, and they always will. Yes, it’s 100% true that the majority of people out there are straight, there’s no problem with that, I’m straight, but, that’s not to mean that Everyone is straight. That’s why DC has decided to add in an officially Gay superhero, because let’s be honest here, Catwoman’s past is pretty shady, I’m pretty sure she’s banged a few chicks in the past. 
But I digress, DC is simply reacting to society’s current views, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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